Every day you wake up with an opportunity to meet your goals, let us help you conquer your summit.


Self care is selfless.
Taking care of others, starts with taking care of yourself.

ULA and Us which stands for Upper Left America and Us, is a lifestyle brand on a mission to help you prioritize self care or what we call conquering your summit. As new moms, we have learned that modern motherhood is messy, yet beautiful and our goal is to cut through the confusion and provide research-backed knowledge to live a more healthy, fulfilled life.

We believe that it all starts with taking care of yourself, whether that's getting outside, sweating, or eating damn good, nutritious food -- we are here to simplify and share our struggles and successes along the way.

Join us for the journey!

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Anti-Racism: Resources and Accounts to Follow

In the Tuesday Talk section of our newsletter last week, we shared just that. How to really listen. The week prior we recognized we can do better as a brand and as individuals when it comes to anti-racism and supporting the BIPOC community. Our first step was listening and educating ourselves --both of which are not one time actions. We included resources in our last 2 newsletters, but want this to be a living document that both of us can access and that we can share with our ULA community. If you have other resources or workshops that you have found beneficial, please share them with us. If you want to have an open conversation about anti-racism and how to better support the BIPOC community, please engage with us.

10 min read
The Five Minute Mama Morning

Let's be real, a mom can do more in five minutes than seems possible. ‍Or at least it feels like we are always juggling our daily activities with a newborn, a toddler, or a child in tow. Christy and I want to share our mama morning routines with you. What our "self-care" morning ritual looks like and how we get ready to take on all the beautiful messes the day will bring.

10 Minute Read
What Supplements Should I Take?

Christy and I have received lots of questions about what supplements we use when we workout. The answer isn’t simple. It really depends on the activity. When I am training for endurance (marathons, triathlons, or other long run/cycle days), I fuel differently than for every day work outs. This is primarily because the caloric expenditure, coupled with loss of fluids and electrolytes is vastly different when you go on a 15+ mile run or 25+ mile bike ride. What I chose to focus on in this post pertains more to the everyday athlete. I broke it down into pre-workout, during the workout, and post-workout.

10 Minute Read
Weaning and Hormones: Shifts and Tips to Ease the Transition

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know that I (Christy) recently stopped breastfeeding. During the weaning process, I dealt with some hormonal shifts that caused postpartum anxiety/anger a few days in a row. I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of my findings and tips in case there are other mamas that have gone through something similar.

8 Minute Read
Postpartum Recovery: Tools that Helped me in the First 30 Days

Okay mama, get ready for some of the most magical moments of your life. Along with sleepless nights, a lot of diaper blowouts, tears (happy and sad... hello hormones), snuggles, bliss, leaky engorged boobs, helplessness, hopefulness, peace, and joy like you have never experienced before. Becoming a mama is life-changing and although I am not claiming to be an expert, I think the more we talk about the postpartum experience the more normalized it will become. Every woman's journey will look different, but I hope to help new mamas out by letting you in on not only what helped me throughout this period, but also what I could have done differently to aid me further in my recovery looking back a year later.

15 Minute Read
What's In Your Hospital Bag: First Time Mama Hospital Packing List

During the last couple of months of pregnancy, nesting sets in and it feels like your life becomes a wide variety of "to-do" lists. There is a list for everything: from nursery, meal prep, birthing plans/classes, and what to pack for the most exciting trip of your life. Oh yes, if you chose a hospital birth then you need to plan and pack a hospital bag to get you through labor, delivery, and those first few days as a new family. Our goal was to take the guess work out of packing for you.

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