Every day you wake up with an opportunity to meet your goals, let us help you conquer your summit.


Self care is selfless.
Taking care of others, starts with taking care of yourself.

ULA and Us which stands for Upper Left America and Us, is a lifestyle brand on a mission to help you prioritize self care or what we call conquering your summit. As new moms, we have learned that modern motherhood is messy, yet beautiful and our goal is to cut through the confusion and provide research-backed knowledge to live a more healthy, fulfilled life.

We believe that it all starts with taking care of yourself, whether that's getting outside, sweating, or eating damn good, nutritious food -- we are here to simplify and share our struggles and successes along the way.

Join us for the journey!

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Get Outside: Christy's Why and Story

Learn more about Christy's WHY for getting outside. "It comes down to two things, the first is adventure and the true spark of curiosity and creativity it sets inside my soul. The second is spiritual. The sense of calm, peace, and connectedness I feel to the bigger picture."

10 min read
Get Outside: Ives' Why and Story

Learn more about Ives' WHY for getting outside. Every day, every moment is a gift. The opportunity to be outside, breathe fresh air, and move are such basic, simple things that we take for granted.

10 min read
Family and Kid Friendly Activities in Bend, OR

Looking for kid friendly activities in Bend, Oregon? Bend has so much to offer for both kiddos and adults and based on our trip, I rounded up the top places to hike, play, and eat damn good food that are kid/toddler friendly.

4 Reasons Why Getting Outside is Good for You!

Researched back reasons why getting outside is good for your body, brain, and soul.

Before You Hit The Pavement Postpartum: Running Strength Test

Are you ready to run mama? Before we dive into the strength test, I want to share that I am currently studying to obtain my Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate through Dr. Sarah Duvall's online course. Along with my ACE Group Fitness Certification, my hope is to add more knowledge to my arsenal so that I can empower women and mamas specifically with evidence-based research and tools needed throughout pregnancy and beyond. Being a mom of 1 (and hopefully more some day) I have learned both through my own personal journey and research that the perinatal population is severely under served. My passion for fitness and the pregnancy & postpartum journey is what led me to begin obtaining this certificate.

7 minutes
Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy: What doming and coning looks like and how to avoid it

If you are pregnant or postpartum, check out this post which breaks down what doming/coning is, what positions you will most commonly see them in, and what to do if you start to see this occur.

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