Get Outside

GIFT GUIDE: Get Outside Edition

Do you need the perfect gift for the outdoor adventure seeker in your life? We have you covered again with 5 gift ideas ranging from $20-$60 that the outdoor adventurer is sure to love!

Getting outside is a gift in itself and anyone who loves the outdoors knows that getting toys to play with in nature is nothing short of a treat. Whether it’s a daily walk, hiking, or camping here are some gift ideas between the price range of $20- $60 for the outdoor lover in your life.

BEIS The Sport Pack, $48

Beauty with the hiker in mind. Easy access to anything you might need and super light weight. Wear it as a sling or fanny pack... the beige the one is calling my name. I have had my eye on this for some time and also feel like it would be great for anyone that likes to pack light or travel!

Madewell’s (Re)sourced Raincheck Packable Popover Raincoat, $49

For anyone that loves a good deal, this packable popover raincoat is perfect to bring on trips or keep stashed in the car so that you can get outside no matter the weather. If you live in Seattle, then you know you can never have too many raincoats… but I guess if you are a true Seattleite you don’t even wear one. So maybe get this one for the mama or grandma who visits Seattle! 

Outdoor Research Women’s Gloves from First Ascent, $40

Gloves seem to be the one piece of warm weather clothing that I either lose and honestly haven’t invested in a good pair in some time. That is exactly why I added it to the list. These are snow resistant made with wool, plus soft fleece on the inside keeping those fingers nice and warm. I’ll take these for all the winter walks and hikes. 

Hot Toddy Camp Cocktail Kit from September Shop from September Shop, $29

Perfect for the camper who also loves a craft cocktail. Yes, this is mentioned in our Damn Good Food guide as well, but this is the beauty where our pillars intersect. I know that I for one would fully enjoy a hot toddy after a long trek to the top of a summit or on an extended camp trip. Also, I must say these would also be a great addition for a holiday lights walk with the kiddos. Oh how my mind has shifted from long hikes to holiday light walks since becoming a mama.  Add 12 ounces of alcohol to the jar, refrigerate for three days while it infuses and then enjoy! These make 8 cocktails, so the more the merrier for that winter lights walk! 

Rumple Everywhere Towel, $59

I have decided I am in love with these towels and I think any other outdoor lover would agree. Perfect for polar plunges if you live in PNW or better yet bring this with you to an outdoor vacay somewhere warm! I wish I would have seen these earlier to snag them before Costa Rica. 

Hiking Adventure Kit, $25-$75 (BONUS FROM LAST YEAR)

We shared this last year too, but thought it was too cute not to include. Putting together your own adventure kit would show a lot of thought or you can take a few of these ideas and/or one for a small stocking stuffer.

  • First Aid Kit- Mountain Series, $15 (good for day trips )
  • Freeze dried meal(s), $8.50-$13 each (my favorite are Good to Go, because they include real ingredients. My brother in law got us a ton of these one year and we thoroughly enjoyed them on our backpacking adventures in Banff) 
  • Head lamp, $20-30
  • Hiking trail treats like Picky Bars!
  • Camp Craft Cocktails, $29 (added this one on)