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GIFT GUIDE 2021: Mom Up Edition

Looking for an intentional gift for the mama in your life? Take a peek inside for gifts that will add joy, sentiment, and even give back for the mama or any woman... yup even yourself! Who doesn't like to give themselves a little gift around the holidays.

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This gift guide was made with the mama in mind, but is really for any woman in your life who needs a little self care (but don't we all). My goal was to create a list of gift ideas (and deals where applicable), focused on shopping intentionally and putting our money where our values are. I took some time to jot down my personal favorites or new businesses I want to try and included as many women owned small businesses, BIPOC small businesses, and local businesses on the list as I could. Remember, more than anything, your time is the most valuable gift that you can give. So let go of pressure, buy when it feels right or if you love to give. Don't do it out of obligation and know that a handwritten note, a phone call, or simply baking someone cookies is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. Most of the gifts I included are under $50 and lots of repeat offenders from last year because I only included brands that I LOVE and those are usually the ones I buy from repeatedly:). 

Natural skin care and hydration: 

Primally Pure Bundles, $52 plus 20% off>> I was first turned onto this brand when Ives gave me her Blue Tansy cream that just didn’t work for her skin. I loved it, especially as someone who is all about reducing the number of chemicals in every product I use around the house, including my skincare. Their deodorants and body butters are a great place to start and a game changer for reducing the ingredients you put on your skin. When I became pregnant and started breastfeeding this is something I started paying even closer attention to, as our skin is our largest organ so keeping hormone disruptors out of our bodies is important for long term health. There are a few awesome packages with savings right now and I am personally loving the plumping serum and mask, but LOVE the following bundles, especially for the new or pregnant mama in your life. USE CODE CHRISTY 20 for 20% off through today or CHRISTY10 for 10% off always.

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow, $48>> Last year around this time I was trying out this brand for the first time. I ended up really loving their Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask.


ILIA Bundles, $29-$68>> A women founded company and you can even find their products at Follain which is Seattle based.

  • I bought a holiday set for $48 last year for myself and haven’t looked back, my favorite is their super tinted SPF. It may be hard to buy for someone else in your life (given you don't know their skin shade, but this holiday kit is a steal, including 4 mini clean beauty favorites for $29, a $52 value or even better this one with 4 full size favorites for $68, $129 value). Both kits include the best clean mascara that I have found (I have tried multiple and this is the first that doesn’t flake, clump, or just look bad). Check it out yourself! If you know a new mama who barely has time to shower, this beauty upgrade can make any mama feel alive! Especially when they know there is intention behind the ingredients.

Coffee Subscription: Yes, coffee is the opposite of hydration but it’s needed when you are a mama. These two are from last year, but wanted to add MUD/WTR for a coffee alternative that I have wanted to try/add to the rotation as I know coffee isn’t always the best for my adrenals and/or can be great for that second or third cup if you are prego/breastfeeding.  Their Black Friday deal is extended through today, 20% off. 

BLK AND BOLD>> Black owned business in which I haven't tried yet but is definitely on my list. Whether it's a subscription or a bag of beans, this will excite any tired mama starting at just $14 a bag.

Seattle Coffee Works>> A Seattle shop, subscriptions start at $20 a month. This is my (Christy) personal fav and go to. You can't go wrong with any of the beans.

Jewelry with meaning: 

LIttle Words Project Bracelet, $20-$30 >> THIS COMPANY IS SO SPECIAL! Today (11/30)is giving Tuesday and 25% of their proceeds are donated to The Loveland Project. Support Mental Health with your money by purchasing their one word bracelets that are made to be worn and passed on— "paying kindness forward one bracelet at a time" is their mission. HOW FREAKING CUTE and AUTHENTIC.

Baleen, $44-52>> Local to Seattle in the Ballard neighborhood, my favorites are their simple clean lined necklaces that can be worn every day. I included the dot last year, but this year it’s all about the chains. 

Made by Mary $48-$50->> I shared this brand last year as well, because well women (and mama) owned, personalized jewelry and I am still loving the one I own with Kaila’s birth date on it in roman numerals to make it more interesting. I also purchased a smaller chain with Adria's birth flower on it. Clearly if I gift myself it, it's special.

  • The bar and disc necklaces are my favorite and you can customize by birth flower, name, date or any message you would like. This bar necklace specifically says "mama" on it to make it easy or you can customize of course! TODAY (11/30) only—receive a FREE pair of 12mm Live-In Hoops when you buy any size earring.

Our Spare Change Mama + Me Mini Goldie Bracelet Bundle, $60 >> Also women and mama owned and although not local to Seattle, I love the simplicity of this brand. You can wear these everyday pieces on hikes, runs, etc. and they don’t feel like too much. My personal fave that I have had my eye on for myself and other mama friends are these mini + mama bracelets. They remind me of the good ole’ BFF bracelets, but more personalized and chic and just so special for a mama + little duo. 

Personalized Calendar or Travel Mug: 

Ives and I give this every year to our mamas. It takes time, but creating a special calendar or travel coffee mug can be so special for remembering memories together. This is a perfect gift for the grandma (your mama), because we all know that grandkids brighten up any day! 

  • Artifact Uprising >> Beautiful customizable photo projects, including this elegant walnut desktop photo calendar for $30 it is simple to make and doesn't take up much space on a smaller desk. This is for the elegant grandma.
  • Shutterfly >> The one stop shop for anything you want to customize with photos. As mentioned we both love being able to make a customized calendar with meaningful family dates (birthdays, anniversarys, etc.) and pictures of memories from the previous year to go with each month. They run deals all season, so prices will vary. SAVE UP TO 50% THROUGH TODAY (11/30). 

A gift card simply shop locally to pick something up, here are a few of my favorites in my hood (Seattle : 

  • September Shop>>Their line up is essentially what my dreams are made of, the owner is a doll and we love just stopping in this shop to say hi. If I wasn't a penny pincher my entire wardrobe would be from this shop. 
  • Molly's Bottle Shop>> Natural wines galore. When you feel safe to visit the store, they will answer all of your natural wine questions. All I know is that they don't add all the BS other wines include, so you are less likely to wake up with a headache. Win. Win.

We hope this gift guide inspired you to give with intention and even to give back to yourself if you are able. Making a donation in someone’s name is also a great way to give in the year 2021.


Christy & Ives