Total Body Strength with Dumbbells

Here is a simple full body strength. These moves are pregnancy and DR safe. OH press can be troublesome depending on where you are at in your pregnancy, ensure you are not overarching your back. Lose the double OH press or drop the weight if your form is being compromised. Yes, a burpee is doable when prego, modify on an elevated surface if you see doming and or step back and up.

Equipment Needed: 2 medium dumbbells or heavy object

Workout Time: 15-20 minutes

Format: Repeat each circuit 2-3X before moving to the next circuit. Rest for 1 minute between each circuit.

Instagram demo here.

Circuit 1:
5 Bicep Curls to OH Press Rt
5 Bicep Curls to OH Press Lft
5 Bicep Curls to OH Press- Both arms
10 Weighted burpees
Repeat 2-3X

Circuit 2:
15 Reverse Lunge pulse with Knee Drive Rt (lose the knee drive if you can't balance effectively)
15 Reverse Lunge pulse with Knee Drive Lft
15 Deadlifts (make it a sumo DL if prego and your belly is in the way)
Repeat 2-3X

Circuit 3:
45 seconds on 15 seconds rest
Move 1: standing chest press
Move 2: slow or fast mountain climbers (elevated if you are later in pregnancy or see any type of doming in the abdomen. We have a blog post on what DR is and effective ab moves during pregnancy, so if pregnant and you want to learn more, head to the blog)
Repeat 2-3X