Damn Good Food

Refreshing Mango Cucumber Smoothie

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with this smoothie and dream of vacay.

This smoothie recipe was created when Ives was in St. Lucia for a friend's wedding. Smoothies have a way of transporting our minds to vacation, especially when the flavors are bright and refreshing. You can even add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice for a bit more acidity in this smoothie. The frozen mango and banana when blended is deliciously thick and creamy and the cucumber freshens it all up. It may be the perfect smoothie to make on a jam packed day to add a little zen to the start of it.

Prepares 2 smoothies
Prep Time: 5 minutes
The Goods:
1 large ripe frozen banana
1/2 of a large English or hothouse cucumber
2 heaping cups frozen mango
1 C filtered water
1 C of ice
3 oz or 1/3 C of plain Greek yogurt

How To:
  1. Peel cucumber, leaving some green skin attached and scoop out the majority of seeds using a spoon.
  2. Place filtered water in blender first, followed by remaining ingredients. all ingredients in blender.   Blend until smooth ~2 minutes.  
  3. Divide between two glasses. Serve immediately and feel free to garnish with a few pieces of the mango or a slice of cucumber!