Lower Body Booty Burn

This is a simple lower bod booty burner for you all, aimed to get the heart rate up with knee drives and burpees. You can always modify these moves to make it low impact-AKA lose the jumping. Complete this circuit on its own or add it as a finisher to a run/walk or leg day.

Equipment needed: Sliders or sock on a slick surface

Workout time: 20 minutes

Format: Perform each move according to the reps below or if you prefer a timer, do 60 seconds on with a 10 second rest between each move. Take a 60 second rest between each circuit and repeat the circuit 2X for a 20 minute workout by adding a 2 minute warm up. Remember, you GET to move today.

Instagram demo here.

12 Hamstring Curls with sliders or socks/hand towel on a slick surface
15 Elevated clam shells- Rt
15 Elevate clam shells- Lft
12 Lateral lunge knee drive- Rt
8 Single Leg Burpee-Rt leg floating
12 Lateral lunge knee drive- Lft
8 Single Leg Burpee- Lft leg floatin