Get Outside

4 Reasons Why Getting Outside is Good for You!

Researched back reasons why getting outside is good for your body, brain, and soul.

As you know, GET OUTSIDE is one of ULA's pillar and something we try to do each and every day. This month wanted to start a discussion around how gettin goutside in nature has helped us and continues to help us in our wellness journey. It certainly looks different as new mamas, but first let's dig into the research on how getting outside is good for your brain, body, and soul to set the tone.

We dug into the research to give you researched back knowledge and found that The Harvard Health Review, published five reasons getting outside is good for you. Check out the first three below, along with a fourth that resonates strongly with us our greater WHY.  

1. Increase your vitamin  D levels.  
But what is vitamin D and why is it important?  Vitamin D, a fat soluble vitamin, is found in some foods (fatty fish, mushrooms, egg yolks) but also produced and activated by sunlight.  Vitamin D deficiency, or a lack of adequate vitamin D, is linked with osteoporosis, inflammation of the heart and other muscle, cognitive decline, as well as some cancers.  You can supplement your diet through pills, but why not take your vitamin through sunshine when you can?!!?! PSA: wear sunscreen friends.

Read more about Vitamin D here.

2. Exercise more and in a way that you enjoy!
Chances are high that if you are outside, you are moving your body.  Whether it's a leisurely stroll, an adventurous, hike, or a more rigorous run/bike/swim, getting outside promotes movement and we LOVE us some movement. One study found that when you spend time exercising outdoors, you actually do more of it because it's enjoyable! Makes sense right?

Read 5 reason why taking your workout outdoors is a good idea (especially since SPRING is HERE!) here.

3. Improve your mood.
Sunshine, fresh air, and movement can all improve how you feel.  Think about the last time you had a busy day at work and you went for a walk with your partner, babe, or pup --mood boosted instantly right?  

There is research to support that the first five minutes of green exercise, has the biggest impact on mood.  A systematic review also found that outdoor exercise, "was associated with greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression, and increased energy."

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4. Be more mindful and present.
According to research, our bodies calm down when we are in nature. This includes lowering of the heart rate, muscle relaxation, and reduction of cortisol production (the stress hormone). This allows us to really slow down, be more mindful, and have conversations and thoughts in a less agitated state. Ultimately this helps us feel more grounded and at peace. Have you ever had any big life revelations when outside? Yes, us too and the research tells us why! 

Less disease, more exercise, a better mood, and more peace.
Yes, you will find us outside. How about you?

Spending even 20 minutes in open air can give your brain the energy boost it needs and help you enjoy movement! Now that you know the science, let's put it to use. We challenge you to compare your overall mood during a day where you don't make the time to get outside to a day that you do. Experiencing the benefits first hand will have your craving more time with our dear friend, mother nature!