Stability Ball Total Body Strength

All you need for this workout is a stability ball and a pair of free weights for this upper body core workout. Tips for form can be found on our Instagram Highlights to help you do these moves as effectively as possible.‍

Equipment Needed: Stability ball and light to medium dumbbells

Workout time: 10-15 minutes

Format: My recommendation is to pick a number of reps that you want to complete, you can keep this workout in your arsenal and complete each week. Each week increase reps and/or weight. Record how many you are able to complete with good form. The next time you complete it, try to add an additional rep or potentially go up in weight. Remember it's progress over perfection. I will put rep recommendations to start with, but modify based on your level. Repeat this circuit 2-3X.

Instagram demo is included in our "holiday sweats" highlights

Move 1: 12 Bicep curl to overhead press (pregnancy + DR safe)
Move 2: 12 Hip press hamstring curls, add chest press if you are stable (pregnancy safe)
Move 3: 14 Preacher curls (pregnancy safe depending on which trimester you are in/if bump is too big + DR safe)
Move 4: 10 Pike to knee tuck