Outdoor Bootcamp: Total Body Strength with Running

Grab a set of light to medium dumbbells for this total body strength with two 1600 meter (1 mile) runs sprinkled in.

This is a great workout to bring outside or do with a friend! You will need a set of medium weights or something you can bicep curl or overhead press.  You can choose to start with the run or the strength portion.  If you run first, make sure to still stretch and warm up your body prior.

Equipment needed: Medium weight dumbbells

Workout time: 35-50 minutes



1600 meters or 1 mile 




10 Rounds of Bird Dogs, Alternate 2 Right : 2 Left 

10 Hip Openers (step foot outside of hand and twist)

10 Squats with a double pulse at the bottom 

10 second Squat Hold, followed by 10 full range squats

10 Squat Jumps, rotate clockwise --hit each direction 


10 Negative Bicep Curls (lengthen for 3 sec, contract for 1 sec)

10 Bicep Curl 1.5's (Full Range Curl, Pause at 90 on the way down and Complete an Upper Curl)

10 count Hold @ 90, Alternate with 10 counts of pulsing REPEAT FOR 3 rounds ~1 Minute

20 (10 each arm) Alternating Bicep Curl Hooks, Put your whole body into this


10 Sets of Upright Rows Alternating to Combo Arms (1 set = Row Right Arm Up, Left Arm Up, Then Both Together) 

10 Upright Rows Both Arms

10 Sets of Squat Lateral Shuffles, Weights Racked on Shoulders (1 set = 2 Shuffles to the Right, 2 to the left)

10 Squat to Overhead Press, Double Time



1600 meters or 1 mile 



LOWER BODY FINISHER : 8 Minutes, 4 Minutes Each Leg

Left Foot Planted, Right Foot Moving 

1 Minute Reverse Lunge to Curtsy Lunge back to Reverse Lunge, Stand

30 sec Hold the Reverse Lunge and Pulse

30 sec Knee Drives or Rocket Jump 

1 Minute Single Leg Glute Bridge with 2 Pulses at the top (Left Foot Down)

30 sec Pulse the Single Leg Bridge

30 sec Rep It Out

**Repeat Opposite Leg (Right Foot Planted, Left Foot Moving)***