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The Five Minute Mama Morning

Let's be real, a mom can do more in five minutes than seems possible. ‍Or at least it feels like we are always juggling our daily activities with a newborn, a toddler, or a child in tow. Christy and I want to share our mama morning routines with you. What our "self-care" morning ritual looks like and how we get ready to take on all the beautiful messes the day will bring.

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Let's be real, a mom can do more in five minutes than seems possible.  

Or at least it feels like we are always juggling our daily activities with a newborn, a toddler, or a child in tow.  

Christy and I  want to share our mama morning routines with you.  What our "self-care" morning ritual looks like and how we get ready to take on all the beautiful messes the day will bring.  

The alarm clock goes off...

Also known as Luka rustling around and the day starts.  We are 5 weeks postpartum so the morning routine isn't so routine.  If you have kids, then you remember the glamor that is those first few weeks and months at home.  If you haven't had kids yet, #BLESS --enjoy your time in that hot shower and slowly sipping that coffee without interruptions.   Generally, Luka nurses around 7 AM and that takes ~20 minutes.  After he gets changed and dressed, then I get a chance to "get ready."  

Mornings sure look different (read cutier) now-a-days.

Rise and Rinse

I am a creature of habit and I CANNOT start the day without using the restroom, brushing my teeth FIRST thing, rinsing my face, and putting on deodorant.  People either brush their teeth as soon as they roll out of bed or after they enjoy their coffee/food.  I don't feel like the day is starting until I get that minty burst while brushing my teeth.  And honestly, I would probably forget if I brushed them if I waited til later.  NO it does not bother me or change the way my coffee tastes.  


I am not an influencer with a huge skincare routine, which is evident by my instagram where I am sweaty face or naked face the majority of the time.  Since my life prior to Luka's birth was the sweat life, hair is usually in a pony or bun with a cute scrunchie hair band that gives the elusion that I have my *ish together and follow fashion trends.  I don't know how we got to hair routine, but that's it.  Back to the face.  I have a few products I love because they are simple and add a lil glam when this mama needs it.  

  1. Cocokind- I use 1-2 pumps of the Golden Elixir Oil and massage it into my face and neck to provide hydration without a greasy vibe.  I also love the sticks.  MyMatcha for a quick moisture dab and for the lips, Turmeric for a blemish that needs to be vanished, and Macabeet for some rosy cheeks or lips.  
  2. Kiehl's Super Fluid Daily UV Defense Sunscreen - After ruining my face as a kid soaking up the rays, 30 year old me is much smarter and uses sunscreen daily.
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Ochre) - Not every day, but when I am working/leaving the house I get fancy and throw some tinted moisturizer on.  
  4. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black- You read that right.  I used to purchase the most expensive mascaras from Nordstrom and Sephora.  My sister-in-law has STUNNING lashes and when I asked what mascara she used, I was shook to find out this was it.  Been using this magic for over 5 years and get asked all the time if my lashes are real or fake.  Spoiler alert, they are real.  Oh and I feel naked without mascara.  I even wore the water proof version for Luka's delivery.  

Water and Mama Juice

Since I am breastfeeding, hydration is LIFE.  So I keep a tumbler or water bottle bedside and drink an entire bottle first thang and continue to hydrate throughout the day.  Mama juice is the one, the only --COFFEE.  I preset the coffee machine the night before with my beloved Panther Coffee and serve it up with some Oatly milk.  I sip the mama juice while pumping if Luka is calm or microwave and reheat if needed (we've all been there).  Since Andy and I both are at home due to quarantine life, it's been easier to preset the coffee the night before.  I also always have cold brew in the fridge to suit my mood.  Something about an iced coffee just feels like vacation.  

Some mornings are sweet, some are sassy.

Christy's Quarantine Morning

I am calling this one the quarantine morning, because it looks a whole lot different from when I was chasing the last bus going downtown to get to work most mornings. Truthfully, it was so hard for me to leave Kaila every morning, knowing I was going to spend about 2 hours commuting to and from work. My mornings are a lot more peaceful, knowing I don't have to commute and can spend those extra hours with her.

I'm the morning mama and my husband is the bedtime boy, which means I wake with Kaila. Each morning looks a little different, but one thing remains the same. The princess wakes around 7AM. If she wakes up earlier, we let her hang out in her crib and "play" with her stuffed animals (AKA her babies).  There are days I decide to do an outdoor workout before she wakes up (I would wake up the fam if I did it indoors), others where I use the morning to enjoy a little quiet to clean, or sometimes I sleep in until 7 when she also wakes. Even though every morning looks slightly different, here is the 5 minute morning routine that always takes place.

Wake and Hydrate

Roll out of bed, walk to the bathroom to do my thang. I then walk to the kitchen and pour myself a tall glass of water and drink it ALL UP. I wish I could say that I squirt some fresh lemon in my water every morning, but I'm just not that together. I grab my prenatal gummies and eat them up. I actually think this is what gets me excited to get out of bed. The only way I will take them consistently is if I enjoy them, so I will never go back to pills. Gummies for life!

I then pour myself a cold brew coffee with Oatley oat milk or hazelnut NutPod creamer. I just started making my own cold brew, because it's a winner in this fam all summer long. I do like a hot cup of coffee as the weather starts to turn grey, but what is life without coffee? This mama does not know. My skincare routine sometimes starts after I go get Kaila from her bedroom and get breakfast started for her or after I get a workout in, but it takes place at some point and my round up is below!


1. Wash face with Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser or splash it with water. I have tried the oil cleansers and I'm sorry ma, they just don't work for me. The hippie in me wants them to work, but I have hormonal acne and I need to clean my pores.
2. Spritz my face with witch hazel, which is a natural toner.
3. Apply Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C serum. I do have a weird love for skincare and have done some research. A consistent recommendation is to add a Vitamin C serum into your routine. It helps brighten and even your skin tone + reduce signs of ageing. I am liking this one and it was recommended by a friend who is into skincare as well, but if your wallet can afford it Drunk Elephant C Firma is a favorite.
4. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream with SPF 30. Similar to Ives, my 31 year old self is all about the SPF in my moisturizer. In the winter and if I need an extra hydration boost, I will top it all off with Cocokind Chia seed oil.
5. Primally Pure lavender or cocoa scented lip balm is just fun. I also use their natural deodorant and have gotten my husband to try it. So if you are a hater, maybe give this brand a try before you knock it;).  I also love to CocoKind MyMatcha (mentioned in Ives' routine) for any areas on my face or body that need a little extra love. It's also clean enough to use on Kaila!

Let us know if anything surprised you about our morning routine. Do you have a similar routine or how does yours look different?