Low Impact Banded Booty and Core

Grab a mini band and yoga mat. This lower body focus workout includes two 8 minutes AMRAPs, 1 timed 8 minute interval , and a 4 minute finisher!

For the first two circuits, set your timer on your cell phone to 8 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible in that 8 minute circuit. For the third, each move will be 60 seconds on with a 10 second rest. Finally, you have a 3 minute finisher. This is where you go all out and give it 110% on form and speed (when/if possible, but never sacrifice form).


This is a great workout to add to an outdoor run (or one of the treadmill workouts in Ives' latest blog post below) and will come in just over 30 minutes. Be sure to add a quick dynamic warm up before jumping into this workout and cool it down/stretch it out following.

Equipment needed: mini band

Workout time: Approx. 32 minutes

Link to demo on Instagram here.


CIRCUIT 1: 8 min. AMRAP, band needed (place band above knees)

15 Bridge Abduction at top

12 Tabletop Kickback- Rt

12 Fire hydrant- Rt

12 Tabletop Kickback- Lft

12 Fire Hydrant- Lft 


1 minute rest 


CIRCUIT 2: 8 min. AMRAP, no band, just bodyweight

12 Table top to plank

12 Prisoner Squat to Knees

12 Plank Hip Dips (Alt. sides)

10 Side Plank Band Pulls- Rt

10 Side Plank Band Pulls- Lft


1 minute rest 


CIRCUIT 3: 1 minute on 10-15 sec. rest, 2X through, band needed

Lateral, diagonal, and back Leg Raises- Rt (Band above knees)

Lateral, diagonal, and back Leg Raise- Lft (Band above knees)

Squat drops (Keep band above knees)

Russian twist, band in hands and pull apart as you rotate 


1 minute rest 


FINISHER: No band needed

1 minute elevator plank (forearms to hands, switching your leading hand each time)

1 minute squat jumps

2 minute chair hold


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