Get Outside

GIFT GUIDE: Get Outside Edition

Do you need the perfect gift for the outdoor adventure seeker in your life? We have you covered with 5 gift ideas ranging from $20-$60 that the outdoor adventurer is sure to love!

Getting outside is a gift in itself and anyone who loves the outdoors knows that getting toys to play with in nature is nothing short of a treat. Here are some gift ideas between the price range of $20- $60 for the outdoor adventurer in your life. From day hikes to backpack trips, these small gifts will bring so much joy to their outdoor adventures.

Hiking Guidebook, $20-30

100 Classic Hikes in Washington is a great place to start for anyone local who enjoys day hiking, camping, or backpacking. One day I (Christy) dream of having an adventure vehicle (camper van) and stashing it with lots of guide books! Ascent Outdoors has a selection of other great guidebooks, including some for those that like to trail run and rock climb.

Lightweight/Heavy Duty Water Bottle, $25-35

24 oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Hydroflask Trail Series, $44 normally, but on sale for $33

It's 25% lighter than their other bottles, so perfect for the backpacker in your life. There are also some pretty winter colors that dropped and let's be honest, if you love the outdoors you can never have too many Hydroflasks.

Mini Espresso Maker, $50

Perfect for the camper who also loves coffee. These are the small luxuries, usually the toys that we wouldn't buy for ourselves but would be thrilled to have. Imagine waking up to the Olympic Mountains or North Cascades and enjoying a freshly brewed espresso. Hello Heaven. Now I want one, haha.

Hiking Adventure Kit, $25-60

Putting together your own adventure kit would show a lot of thought! You can also take a few of these ideas and/or one for a small stocking suffer.

  • First Aid Kit- Mountain Series, $15 (good for day trips )
  • Freeze dried meal(s), $8.50-$13 each (my favorite are Good to Go, because they include real ingredients. My brother in law got us a ton of these one year and we thoroughly enjoyed them on our backpack adventures) 
  • Head lamp, $20-30
  • Hiking trail treats like Picky Bars!

Osprey Day Light Backpack from Outdoor Ascent (Seattle small biz), $50

There is nothing better than the perfect backpack for a day hike. This one is from Ascent Outdoors, a local small biz in Seattle but you can certainly find them at larger retailers like REI of course. Ascent Outdoor's mission is to make climbing, backpacking, skiing & mountaineering accessible and enjoyable for everyone. So you can also pick up a gift card for the outdoor lover in the Seattle area. Their customer service is top notch, as you can tell they REALLY want to help you adventure well.

We hope you got some inspo and/or are ready to pull that trigger on your gift. This was a fun one to put together for you!


Christy & Ives