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Central WA Weekend Getaway: Our Stay at Cave B Inn & Spa Resort

We went on a little weekend adventure in Quincy, Washington where we stayed at Cave B Inn & Spa Resort. If you have never been to Central Washington, it's absolutely worth a visit. See more about our escape from the city.

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We went on a little weekend adventure in Quincy, Washington where we stayed at Cave B Inn & Spa Resort. If you have never been to Central Washington, it's absolutely worth a visit. See more about our escape from the city.

Golden Hour at Cave B. Captured by Mia Tarte.

You may have seen on our Instagram stories that we went on a little weekend adventure in Quincy, Washington where we stayed at Cave B Inn & Spa Resort.  If you have never been to Central Washington, it's absolutely worth a visit. The rocky terrain and desert-like climate is so different from Seattle, you feel like you are in a different state but you only had to drive 2 1/2 hours out of Seattle. It's also where the premier outdoor concert venue, Gorge Amphitheater is located.  If you are looking for a relaxing and retreat status experience, Cave B is the place to stay. As they put it on their site, "Cave B Inn & Spa Resort was founded on the idea to unite human and nature, nestled upon cliff-sides overlooking the gorge and Columbia River" and we couldn't agree more.

Unfortunately, due to COVID19 the spa was closed and you could only get room service from the Cave B Inn restaurant, The Trendils, but it was still worth the remote getaway even without all the extras.  We spent the weekend exploring the property, including some nearby trails, drinking wine, and just relaxing in the sunshine.  If you have ever been to Sedona, AZ Christy personally felt similar vibes to this. We are talking heat in the 90s and super DRY so make sure you drink lots of water.

Where to Stay

Christy stayed in The Desert Yurt for a more rustic vibe and Ives stayed in one of the gorgeous Cave B Ridge Condos. Everything on the resort is within walking distance, so no matter where you stay you can explore by foot. Learn more about their personal experience below!

Desert Yurt. If you are looking for a more rustic/glamping experience, the yurt is where to stay. You have everything you need to be comfortable and still explore the resort at a more affordable price. If you have flexibility and can go during the week, rates are even better across the board (yes, this mama likes to save). Each yurt is framed in sustainable douglas fir and has a fun skylight to look up at the evening stars. It was a spacious room, equipped with a comfortable bed, AC, a mini fridge, personal bathroom, coffee machine with coffee and creamer, and a small couch. Essentially everything a typical hotel would have. The beds were super comfortable and they even had camp chairs to sit out on the patio and enjoy the evening stars or a morning cup of coffee. There was no WiFi or TV, so if you are looking for an at-home experience then you may want to look into a different room. For such a short stay, this was the perfect spot for us and I would definitely come back.

Cave B Ridge Condos. These condos are privately-owned but are all designed by infamous Seattle architect group Olson-Kundig.  The architecture team designed the Inn, lodge, and 15 guesthouses on the vineyard property to highlight the impressive landscape and preserve the integrity through environmentally conscious design.  You can learn more about the project here.  Ives' husband, Andrew, is a real estate developer and a huge fan of the Seattle-based architecture firm.  It was a weekend getaway, but also a learning opportunity for him to see the condos and admire the design elements.  This includes the use of steel facades, concrete floors, local stone, and open concept floor plans.  Although the condos are just slightly over 500 sq feet, they felt spacious and were perfect for entertaining.  They are fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, which make the splurge worth it for a family get away that has the comforts of home.  

Essentially, you get to pick your flavor and the vibe you are going for with the room you choose.  Each will give you a slightly different experience. Here are the other two rooms to stay at on the resort, but check them all out directly on their site, here:

  • Cliff Houses- These are literally built into the cliffs and overlook the Columbia River. If I (Christy) were to come back, I think I would want to splurge on one of these, mostly for the view and privacy, but also since it's the closest to the pool and spa. Maybe we will come back without the babies and take advantage of the spa services/relax at the pool;).
  • Cavern Rooms- Also overlooking the Columbia River and the King Suite has a jacuzzi tub, talk about dreamy.

What to Do
  • Wine Tasting- Cave B Estate Winery shares a driveway with the Inn, making it just a walk away from any room! If you want to do a wine tasting, it's only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and by reservation. They also talk walk ins, but best to be safe and reserve by email at, since they can only be at 50% capacity (if you are reading this during phase 2). Check out their website to learn more about their story. Their current tastings are outside on their Piazza and the setting is unbelievable.
  • Spa and Pool - When the dust settles from COVID, we anticipate these services will be up and running and only add to the entire experience.  The cliffside pool looks STUNNING and offers the best view.  
  • Hiking/Trail Running- There are two trails that are easily accessible from the resort --the Columbia River Trail (which we both did) and the Waterfall Loop Trail.  The Columbia River Trail is 3 miles roundtrip from the condos to the rocky beach and back.  From the beach you can take in the Columbia River, Bird Island, and even the cool remnants of an old car that has been artfully vandalized.  The Waterfall Loop Trail leads you to Fitzpatrick Waterfall and is a bit longer, but be cautious of poison oak around the waterfall.  There is also the option to drive to the Dusty and Ancient Lakes Trailhead for a 6 and 12 mile hike, respectively.  Just make sure to read the trail reports, pack snacks, and double up on water and sunscreen!
  • Mexican food in Quincy - We didn't get a chance to explore Quincy, but heard great things about the food.
  • Dinner under the stars - Make Dinner in the fully-equipped condo kitchen, which also has a patio and grill. If you want to host and are with a group, the condo is the route to go!

Highlights from the Trip
  • Crystal clear night skies bursting with stars, a much needed change of scene from the city lights.
  • Epic Golden Hour sunsets over the Columbia River.
  • The drive from Seattle, which encompasses a diverse landscape.  You go from The Sound, through the Alpine Forests and end in the arid desert landscape.
  • Damn good food and our babies. Kaila making friends with everyone at wine tasting, plus her hair was outta control and killing us all, see last picture below. Luka on his first of many weekend getaways being the chillest of all babes. Cheers to mamas still adventuring! Pics below all taken by Mia Tarte.