Total Body Bodyweight Strength

Total body strength with bodyweight alone! The bridges + reverse planks included in this workout are great post partum moves, low impact to help strengthen pelvic floor, glutes, and core.

Equipment Needed: No equipment needed.

Total Time: 12-20 minutes

Format: Perform each move according to the reps below one directly after the other, repeat 2-3X.

Instagram demo here.

Move 1: 5-10 Burpee push up to alternating side plank reach
Move 2: 10 reps 1 leg bridge, hold half way for 10 seconds, 10 more full reps, switch sides
Move 3: 8-10 tricep dip to crab (challenge, touch opposite hand to opposite foot, still working on balance post birth over herrrree)
Move 4: 10-12 Reverse plank (challenge add alternating knee drives)
Move 5: 8-15 tricep Dips
Move 6: 5-10 Elevated push up to downdog reach (opposite hand to opposite toe)